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Hearing Evaluations

A hearing specialist places headphones on a patient in preparation for a hearing test.

Are you in Tucson, Arizona and wondering about your hearing or have you been diagnosed with a hearing loss? The best place to start would be with an accurate hearing evaluation. Perhaps you remember being asked to raise your hand when a tone was played during your last hearing evaluation. While this is one element of the testing process, there’s more to it than that. For proper selection, setup, and programming of a hearing aid, providers must adhere to established techniques for administering the test. At Clarity Hearing Aid Center, we’re proud to say that we take this seriously.

Because of this, at Clarity Hearing Aid Center, we have a standard of an eight part hearing evaluation that includes the following steps:

Gathering of Case History

Investigation of Possible Contraindications (reasons not to wear a hearing aid)

Standard and Video Otoscopy

Pure Tone Air Conduction Testing

Pure Tone Bone Conduction Testing

Speech Understanding Testing

Loudness Discomfort Level Testing

Speech In Noise Testing

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